Luxusschlitten: Daimler stellt neue Mega-Super-Limousine vor!

Die neue Mercedes eqs Limousine mit Leds
Archiv - © Daimler AG

Everything is lit up here: Mercedes-Benz with a new mega-cart!

With the MBUX Hyperscreen, several displays merge seamlessly into one another and thus result in an impressive  , arched screen strip that is over 141 centimeters wide. The area that passengers can experience is  2,432.11 cm² .

The electric S-Class Mercedes EQS becomes the benchmark for the turning point in the group.

The EQS is the fully electric luxury sedan from Mercedes. With it, Mercedes-EQ is redefining this vehicle segment.

The large cover glass of the MBUX Hyperscreen is  bent three-dimensionally in the molding process at temperatures of approx.  650 ° C. This process enables a distortion-free view of the display unit over the entire width of the vehicle, regardless of the radius of the cover glass.

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Depending on the equipment, up to 350 sensors monitor   the functions of the EQS or look into the area around the vehicle. And that doesn’t even include the antennas. The sensors measure, for example, distances, speeds and accelerations, light conditions, precipitation and temperatures, the occupancy of seats as well as the blink of an eye of the driver or the language of the passengers.

The optional engine sound of the EQS is interactive and reacts to  a dozen  different parameters such as position of the accelerator pedal, speed or recuperation.

No.6  MOOD Linen is the name of the fragrance specially composed for the EQS. It bears the number 6 because the first electric cars were added to the model range in 1906 with the “Mercédès Electrique” vehicles.

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More than  40 new inventions  have found their way into the EQS. In addition, 20  sample registrations protect  the extraordinary design of the electric luxury sedan.

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To get to the most important applications of MBUX, the user has to  scroll through  0 menu levels . Hence the name Zero Layer.

The display area of ​​the larger head-up display, which is available on request, corresponds to a monitor with a diagonal of  77 inches . The imaging unit consists of a high-resolution matrix of  1.3 million  individual mirrors.